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Hearts 4 Hearing provides

hearing aids to those in need


ALL donated hearing aids are accepted regardless of their age, brand or condition; even custom aids are accepted! 

Donations to Hearts 4 Hearing are collected and sent to Montclair State University Center for Audiology. From there, aids are refurbished and distributed to low-income individuals, free of charge!

Cash donations are also accepted! These help defray the cost of repairs and clinical services. 

The gift of hearing improves the quality of life for recipients and the people who love them.

Simply click this link, Hearts4Hearing to email us and we will arrange for your donation, or click the Donation Box Locations tab to find one of our hearing aid collection centers in NJ.

Cash donations are tax-deductible. Hearing aid donations may be tax-deductible.

We accept donations from anywhere in the country.

You  can  give the  gift  of hearing

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Founded in 2019 by high school student, Julia Carrano, Hearts 4 Hearing raises awareness and collects donations of cash and used hearing aids for the Hearing Aid Project.

The program provides hearing aids, free of charge, to eligible low income individuals as determined by guidelines established by the NJ Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Until they can be matched to new recipients, donated hearing aids are refurbished and housed in the hearing aid banks at Montclair State University and Sertoma, Hearing Charities of America. 

Did You Know???

  • ​Hearing loss, even to a mild degree, is a significant risk factor for developing Clinical Depression, especially in women and young adults.

  • More prevalent than most realize, hearing impairment affects 1 in 8 people aged 12 years or older in the US, and fewer than 20% seek treatment. 

  • Nearly 80% of people who could benefit from hearing aids do not have them.

  • The price for a pair of hearing aids can cost between $3,000 - $8,000!

  • Hearing aids are not covered by most medical insurance plans making them unattainable for many people who need them most.​

  • Hearing disabilities in children may lead to delayed development and result in learning problems, poor school performance, and depression. 

  • Drivers with hearing loss are likely to miss safety cues putting themselves and others in danger on the road. 


Donate Hearing Aids NJ​​ !!

You can make a difference! Please help us spread the word about this important cause. No one deserves to live in isolation. Click this link, Hearts 4 Hearing to contact us and we will arrange to receive your donation.

Supported Organizations: *Hearing Aid Project * NJ Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing * Youth Mental Health Project * 


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