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Donate hearing aids, NJ! To request information on how you or your organization can get involved, please email

Visit to learn more about the Hearing Aid Project and related programs available nationwide.

To apply for hearing aids through the NJ Hearing Aid Project, please visit the  NJ Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing web page at:

For college-bound students with hearing disabilities, this guide will help you learn about online accommodations colleges offer to comply with the American Disabilities Act, popular listening devices and applications, and scholarships. Also provided is a list of the 5 best colleges for students with hearing disabilities, and other helpful resources.

Award-winning Portrait Master photographer, Nancy Wiggs, donates a portion of proceeds to Hearts 4 Hearing and the NJ Hearing Aid Project. 

The largest study to date linking hearing loss to "Psychological Distress," including depression and anxiety published in the Journal of the American Medical Association; access here: JAMA

Donate New Jersey Hearing Aid Project

Read about Hearts 4 Hearing in the April 10, 2019 edition of the SandPaper

The Center for Audiology and Speech Language Pathology at Montclair State University houses the Hearing Aid Bank and coordinates the dispensing of the refurbished hearing aids. Many potential recipients of these hearing aids cannot travel long distances so Dr. Elena Kagan Weitz has been building a network of licensed audiologists throughout New Jersey to dispense the refurbished hearing aids in their local area. The NJHAP is grateful to those audiologists who are participating in the project.

To obtain more information on how to become a participating audiologist, email the NJHAP at

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